Why Choose Us

At Newturn Immigration Consulting, we understand that navigating the Canadian visa system can be a complex and meticulous process. That’s why we take pride in upholding the highest standards of integrity while providing honest professional advice and leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the visa system to guide you through the immigration process and secure your Canadian visa successfully.

Our comprehensive and value-adding service offering is designed to assist our clients who have achieved success in their visa applications. With a remarkable 98% success rate in acquiring visas for qualifying clients, we are confident in our ability to deliver the same level of success to you.

When it comes to making the decision to move to another country, whether temporarily or permanently, it is a significant and life-changing choice. That’s where our team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants come into play. With their expertise, they ensure that your visa or citizenship application progresses smoothly, leaving no room for error.

Keeping you Informed every step of the way!

We understand that there are various options available for immigrating to Canada, such as skilled worker programs, studying in Canada, business programs, and family sponsorship, among others. Choosing the right visa option is crucial, and our Immigration Consultants assess each case individually, providing guidance on the best entry option tailored to your specific circumstances.

Mistakes in the immigration process can result in costly setbacks, such as extended processing times, entry delays, or even refusals. By enlisting the services of our immigration consultants, you can avoid such mistakes and save both time and money. Our experienced consultants will handle complex paperwork and deal with immigration officials on your behalf, ensuring a seamless process.

With the expertise gained from dealing with numerous visa and citizenship applications, our consultants provide valuable perspective and advice for complex cases. Drawing from their extensive experience, they navigate any challenges that may arise, ensuring the best possible outcome for your application.
While it is possible to fill out immigration forms yourself, the stress of ensuring the quality and meeting tight deadlines can be overwhelming. At Newturn Immigration Consulting, our Immigration Consultants take care of completing and filing these forms for you. They keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring accurate and complete form submissions with proper supporting documentation.
We understand the frustration of waiting for a response to your application. That’s why our Immigration Consultants proactively make inquiries to Immigration Canada on your behalf. Although they can’t expedite the process, they provide regular updates and bridge the communication gap between you and the immigration authorities.
Whether you are applying for a Canada study permit, work permit, or seeking permanent residency, our qualified and experienced immigration consultants are here to help ensure the success of your immigration application.
At Newturn Immigration Consulting, our commitment is to provide you with personalized and genuine assistance throughout your immigration journey. Contact us today to discover how we can make your Canadian immigration dreams a reality.