Discover the Start-Up Visa Program

Your Gateway to Canadian Entrepreneurship!

As the fastest program in North America for business immigrants, it’s designed to facilitate foreign entrepreneurs with approved business concepts recognized by designated organizations such as Venture Capital, Angels Investors, and Business Incubators. Successful applicants receive a Commitment Certificate and a Letter of Support (LOS), paving the way for their entrepreneurial journey in Canada.

Upon obtaining the Letter of Support (LOS), demonstrating language proficiency, and securing adequate funds, applicants and their dependents are eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

The start-up ventures encompass various industries, spanning IT, Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing Processes, Agriculture, Consumer Products, among others, with no restrictions on the nature of the start-up concept.

This program entails a seasoned business advisory team collaborating with designated organizations, offering guidance and mentorship to entrepreneurs throughout the obligatory due diligence process.

Upon identification and approval of a suitable start-up by the designated organization, the due diligence process typically concludes within approximately 5 months. Subsequently, armed with the Letter of Support, applicants can proceed to submit their application for Canadian Permanent Residence.

The Process

Months 1-5: Start-up Approval and Due Diligence Process

During this phase, the start-up concept is developed and approved. The Newturn Immigration Consulting plays a pivotal role in assembling the start-up team, ensuring that each member brings valuable expertise to the table. Together, they collectively contribute essential experience and skill sets to the start-up. The start-up is then presented to a designated organization, undergoing thorough due diligence in the process.

Months 6-7: Final Letter of Support

The Newturn Immigration Consulting continues to guide and support the process, facilitating the attainment of the Final Letter of Support. Typically issued by a designated organization, often a Business Incubator, within the first 6-7 months, this letter marks a significant milestone in the journey.

Months 8-30: Processing Application for Permanent Residence and Early Entry Work Permit

With the Final Letter of Support in hand, applicants can proceed to submit their application for Canadian Permanent Residence. Concurrently, where applicable, the application for a Work Permit can also be filed. The estimated processing time for a work permit is approximately 6 months from submission, while the processing time for Permanent Residence is around 22 months from submission.

What We Do

Our project presents a distinctive opportunity to attain Canadian Permanent Residence while establishing a viable business with global scalability. We offer comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process, including:

Upon completion, you will receive a Letter of Support for yourself, your partners, and family dependents (spouse and children under age 22). With this support, you can permanently relocate to Canada, enjoying unconditional Permanent Resident Status. As a Canadian Permanent Resident, you will have the freedom to operate the established business and explore additional ventures without limitations.